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FactuAgil offers a very easy way of managing your financial situation by keeping track of all your bills. It's especially useful for freelancers, independent workers, and small or medium sized businesses that need to carefully monitor of all their financial transactions.

The tool is divided into bills, budgets, and clients. It ensures that nothing goes unrevised. Every section has a module to insert information, an advanced search tool that helps you to find whatever you need, and the possibility of exporting documents to Excel or PDF.

The advantage of this online platform is that your credentials give you access to your accounts from anywhere. You can use any device since all your information is stored in the cloud. Its interface is very easy to use, so you won't have problems going through the pile of bills, clients, and budgets that you need to manage.

The biggest advantage of FactuAgil is that it lets you know when you have to pay a bill, so you won't forget to pay it if you still have an outstanding payment. In this respect, you can access bills more quickly via a short cut found on the upper part of the screen.
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